Subscription payment terms & cancellation policy

  Updated on 1/Jan/2021

Cancellation policy

Life is busy and unpredictable, and realization can take place later. If you had made decision to subscribe to any of our plan, then later you changed your mind, no problem. Because consolations are inevitable. However, we do require you to cancel your subscription within 21 days of your payment submission seasons for the full refund. Unfortunately when requesting for the cancellation and refunds outside 21 days, you will only be refunded 6% of your paid subscription fee.

So, as you already know from the above information, go ahead and cancel your subscription if you need it. But we shall miss you, if you have decided well then, we will see you back on our platform. Thank you.

Subscription payment

Our subscription plan session will be following the NYC public calendar. However, we are often available online 24/7 for the cancellation issue.

Subscription plans and fees

We are running the membership platform. Where you pay a certain fees to access certain contents on our website here. We have the following subscription plans:-
  1. Starter (free forever).
  2. Vippro (UGX 5k/m).
  3. Advanced (UGX 10k/m).
  4. Mega (UGX 13k/m. This is gives you access to both Vippro & Advanced contents).
  5. Gold (UGX 50k/6Ms) includes daily payouts.
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